Ribeca Nero d’ Avola~Perricone 75cl

Grape Variety:- Perricone

Ribeca is the fruit of multiple decades of work recovering the relic vine of Perricone, from which Firriato has selected their own clone. The company has always believed in the quality of this vine variety that comes from the Sicilian wine-producing tradition, which is grown on the Pianoro Cuddìa Estate. This area has extremely windy and dry soil and climate conditions and is where Perricone has found the ideal conditions for bringing out all its character. Firriato’s clone construes all the varietal characteristics of this once diffuse vine that has now all but vanished. The character of this variety is manifested in its notably elegant flavour, while Pianoro Cuddìa’s microclimate favours the development of the grapes’ aromatic complexity and intense but refined fragrances.


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